Oasis activities: a world to be discovered


Cycling and Pedestrian Paths:

There are many paths that branch out throughout the area of the Eco-village and the Lambro Valley Park.

  • Ancient Perfume Path: A green path between the Municipalities of Merone and Costa Masnaga, a nature walk to the Tower of Camisasca amidst ancient traditions.
  • River Path: A 28 km walk in the countryside and woods along the River Lambro from the Eco-village as far as Monza.
  • Countryside Path: A walk through the fields towards the Brenno Quarry, where Mastroianni filmed a scene for the movie “Allonsanfan”.
Other routes can be found on the dedicated website Le Vie del Parco (The Park Pathways)

Zoccolificio Sangiorgio

A business handed down from father to son established in 1922, which still uses traditional craftsmanship methods to produce wooden clogs that suit everyone's tastes.

Over time, even this enterprise has had to adapt to the times, but current trends has never overshadowed the importance of superior workmanship.

Spend a few minutes to relive the atmosphere of the artisan workshop.

Visit the official website